LiveWell Mastermind

Equipping leaders to optimise performance and resilience, reducing burnout in themselves and their teams.

Who Am I?

You will work directly with me.

I am a qualified Executive and Life Coach, Consultant Psychiatrist, National NHS Clinical Leader, ex-Associate Medical Director, Board Trustee, wife and mother of two.

I am an internationally recognised, award-winning psychiatrist: Royal College of Psychiatrists, ‘Psychiatrist of the Year,’ 2017-18; honoured with a C.B.E. by Her Majesty the Queen in 2019; holder of a national Clinical Excellence Award.

Having worked at a national level on improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce for a number of years, this took a very personal turn for me, when I found myself a few years ago, as a senior, high performing leader, on the brink of burnout. Coaching helped me to turn this around and optimise my own resilience and performance. In turn, this has enabled me to better support the people and teams that I lead, improving the quality of care and experience for patients too.

I wanted to offer this opportunity to others and trained with a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), European Quality Award provider as an Executive and life Coach.

It was clear to me that a bespoke programme such as the LiveWell Mastermind, was essential to fill the current gap, in what is available to people, to optimise their resilience, performance, improve retention and reduce burnout.

The LiveWell Mastermind bespoke programme, uses a blended learning approach. It allows you to work at your pace and tailor the programme to your own needs.

I coach leaders of organisations and communities; from corporate business, the NHS, universities, social care, national charities and entrepreneurs, with life-transforming results.

I have the privilege of equipping and bringing out in others, the mindset, skills, tools and drive, to develop their optimal lives. It is exhilarating to see the transformation in people, unfold.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Equipping leaders to optimise performance and resilience, reducing burnout in themselves and their teams.

Module One

Bring More Balance and Happiness to Your Life; Clarify Your Purpose


  • Discover the best 2 actions that will allow you to immediately improve your life balance, using the LiveWell Life Balance wheel, reigniting your passion for life.
  • Use the LiveWell Clarity method, to gain clarity on your talents, values, and life purpose, to accelerate and optimise your success.

    Equip yourself with mindset skills to gain alignment for greater calmness, happiness and fulfillment (as defined by you).

  • Discover your primary belief system that causes burnout in you. Replace it with a belief system that contributes to your wellbeing, thus increasing joy by helping you set your goals high. 


  • Do you feel that work takes over your life at times?
    Do you feel there’s more to life than this?
    This module enables you to regain balance and reignite your passion for life.
  • If you’re lacking direction, spending time on things you’re not passionate about, and want to be more fulfilled, this module will bring clarity to your values, talents, and life’s purpose, setting you on your best, most powerful track!
  • Transform anxiety and stress about life to calmness, ease and wellbeing.
Module Two

Reclaim Your Productivity, While Reducing the Risk of Burnout


  • End procrastination with 4 simple mind hacks and spend more time with the people and things you love!

    Eliminate your top one, time consumer, increase your motivation, and gain tangible time to work towards your ultimate life goals.

  • Increase Your Productivity
    Move the needle on your biggest and most important work projects and make people focus on you and pay attention

  • Understand what burnout is, what your personal burnout rating is.
    Know the factors at work to reduce risk of burnout.
    Take the right actions to reduce your risk of burnout.


  • Do you feel like you don’t spend enough time with those you love?

    This module will move you from managing time poorly and being stressed to fitting in and enjoying social and other meaningful aspects of life.

  • Turn up your efficiency! Sustain the pace of work you need, while managing to skyrocket your productivity – feel calmer, in control and having fun at the same time.
  • Reduce your burnout risk by identifying the right changes at work and/or at home – work through these changes with family members and relevant colleagues.
    Discover how to feel more energized and engaged at work.
Module Three

Ramp Up Your Resilience


Develop a deep understanding of your own resilience and how to enhance it, so you can perform at your highest level while living your fullest life.


Dismantle fruitless coping strategies and habits such as over-eating, spending excessive time on a screen, or indulging in over-drinking. Reconstruct them into habits that will increase your energy, and help you reach for health-benefitting and resilience-strengthening practices with ease. Implement techniques that will amplify your resilience, optimize your well-being and power all your life goals.
Module Four

Sustain Your Resilience; Tackle Burnout


  • Address stress effectively and immediately, by neutralising your personal triggers.
  • Establish a practice of emotional processing that improves your wellbeing, helping you accelerate your personal growth and become truly resilient.

    Have an understanding of your workplace offer to support your resilience and avoid burnout.

    Develop a personalised and optimised plan that benefits you in the long run.


  • Use the special Livewell Trigger Mapping Technique to identify the top 2 situations that have anchored stress in you.
    Understand how this is affecting your day-to-day well-being and take the required actions to immediately overcome them.
  • Liberate yourself from the emotional rollercoaster you’re on and figure out your way to living life to the fullest.

    This module will empower you to instigate key practices into your daily life. Manage anything that comes your way with ease!

Module Five

Improve Team Productivity Effectively, While Reducing Staff Burnout Fast


Optimise your ability as a leader to support resilience and reduce burnout in your team members, resulting in high quality performance.

Ensure your team members have personalized holistic resilience plans


Powerfully leading teams to improve their performance whilst also increasing their resilience and avoiding burnout, is not easy. This module incorporates the evidence and implementation methods, to enable you to achieve that new balance.
Module Six

How to Achieve the Career Success You Wish for


Gain clarity on your best next steps to work towards your ideal career.

Understand your greatest development opportunities. Create a clear plan and gain the support to execute them. Go beyond the imposter syndrome and discover how to achieve the impact and influence required, to boost you into your future role.

Build a powerful peer group of leaders invested in honing their skills in performance and leading their teams better.


Step into an effective plan that will accelerate your growth and realisation of your career goals.

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